Why are the DCS Compatible Brands growing faster than our Competitors Brands?

The simple answer is "Great Products at Excellent Prices". DCS knows that we have to deliver value to our Independent Resellers. There are many choices of compatible brands in the market today and the Resellers need not only; 1.) the Right Products in this space but they also need 2.) a Partner so they can bring their customers a strong value proposition;

  • Manufacturing and R & D operation
  • Nationwide Next Day delivery
  • World-Class MPS program

Many of our Partners have realized that they no longer need a compatible source that just shuffles private label products in and out of their warehouse... as is done with the OEM brands. DCS has made a unique compatible commitment to ensure we continue to create value for our Partners by Manufacturing and/or independently validating the Quality of our Compatible Brands. This commitment can be further demonstrated by the fact that DCS has maintained both the ISO 9001:2008 and STMC (Standardized Test Methods Committee) certification since 2010.